PC Screenshots: Feature List

Image viewing

  • Preview images via web pages (uses only javascript)
  • View 3D images from multiple angles
  • View full images via VoxStation java viewer
  • Download the image to the users desktop for offline viewing
  • Offline web page preview
  • Gallery view

VoxStation Image Viewer

  • Simultaneously view 3 angles of a 3D dataset
  • Lock two 3D datasets together for synchronized comparison of images
  • High speed hand segmentation tools
  • Measure the area/volume of a structure
  • Add comments to an image or a structure
  • Export image snapshots
  • Ability to open a dataset in ImageJ
  • Get histogram of image
  • Brightness / Contrast adjustments for detailed viewing
  • "Install" an image to local hard drive for faster performance
  • Export complete image

Image storage

  • Disk storage limit of more than 200TB
  • Multiple copies of images on different disks, servers or physical locations
  • Scalable after install
  • Handles backup and archiving or shared folders allow user to backup

Image Import

  • Web-based Java upload system
  • End-to-end verification of image integrity
  • Form template system for requiring metadata
  • Spreadsheet lookup for metadata
  • Queue based system for long uploads
  • Drag-and-drop batch uploading
  • Basic file types (png, tif, jpg)
  • Tiled images and Image sequences
  • Generate Tiled images from large images


  • Tracks the subject of the image (i.e. slide, specimen, animal)
  • Unlimited customized subject metadata fields
  • Allows real world measurements of the subject (height, width, etc.)
  • Group subject by dose group
  • Allows arbitrary metadata templates to be created and linked to objects
  • Version Tracking (hierarchy of images)
  • External database connection (for linking to metadata in other systems)
  Mac Screenshots:


  • For image, subject, or structure/segmentation/comments metadata
  • Filter any grid to show only what you are looking for


  • Upload reference documents to study
  • Link documents to a image
  • Download documents and open with original application


  • Multiple users
  • Records actions by user ID
  • User level support: Server Administrator, Group Administrator, User
  • Individually settable permissions by study (read, write, delete, admin)
  • Default permissions for quick user creation based on group and study
  • Log in via SSL
  • Custom SSL certificate
  • Custom Authentication Module

Imaging equipment support


Electron Microscopy

DICOM compliant

Confocal Microscopy:


  • Server Admin can configure many server variables
  • Server Admin and Group Admin can create studies or users and determine who can access what
  • User can change own password and email info

Features coming soon:

Drag and Drop Categorization for quick organization and tagging of images

Image Analysis: Upload and run algorithms on the server or in the image viewer. Our compute cluster can handle large batch processing tasks.

For Image Import, more file types (BMP, jpeg2000, Gatan DM3 etc.) will soon be available

Download a pdf version of this brochure on the downloads/support page.