In addition to our core products, Umlaut offers a flexible array of services to tailor the perfect solution for your environment and requirements, including:

Partnered System Customization and Enhancement
We recognize that only you can define the right set of specifications and parameters for the perfect solution.

Our products are built with extensibility in mind, allowing us to quickly provide customization, whether you simply need a branded solution or require new built-in specialized functionality.

We'll work with you to identify areas where our platform can be modified to perform seamlessly within your environment and workflow.

Full-Service Hosted Image Management Solutions
We provide the hosting and maintain the software and hardware for you. You have full access to a private and secure system without the IT concerns.

System Integration and Data Migration
We'll configure and build custom interfaces to provide the desired level of automated integration with other systems in your environment.

Image Analysis Services
We can employ our expertise and tools to help you understand and quantify your images and data into meaningful information.

Often such projects result in new software tools available to you for performing similar analysis in the future.

Custom Software Development
Sometimes you need a new tool for a new job. We have years of experience building cross-platform software tools and web applications to provide robust solutions to help you save time and obtain the best results possible.

Whether you need a new software tool for your own internal use, or one to provide to your customers, we can build and support it.

If you would like to discuss a specific project and how we can help, please Contact Us and we will be happy to work with you to deliver the perfect solution.